Frequently asked questions

Q: What course should I take first?

A: We advise new clients attend our courses in the following order:

  • Perfume Theory and Intro Class (Educational Class)
  • Perfume Creation - 66 Scent access (Guided Course)
  • Open Lab - Perfume Creation 66/120+ Scent access (Open Lab)
  • Advanced Perfume Creation Class - Guided (Educational Class)
Perfume Chemistry

Q: How long is a session?

A: Our Basic courses reserve a 2 hour block of time. There is a $30 additional charge once your time slot is exceeded, in 30 minute increments. 

Q: Can I upgrade my package while I'm there?

A: You may choose to upgrade your package during your session, giving you access to more valuable and rare scents/essential oils. We accept all major cards. 

Perfume Bottles

Q: What if I don't finish in time?

A: Our clients are advised to document their processes on a paper that is provided, so if you don't finish in time, you may schedule another session to come finish. 

Smelling Perfume
Chinese Porcelain Vase

A: Yes, we take orders for larger orders, a minimum of 50 and maximum of 500 containers, in any size/style of your choice. 

Lavender Fields

A: Our 3 DIY Kits  (Sample, Basic, and Deluxe) all include varying levels of assorted essential oils/extracts. All that's required is that you add Alcohol, as it is not included in our kits. "How To" instructions are included.  

Q: What age group is this appropriate for?

A: Clients of ages 16+, adult supervision is required for under 16. 

Floral Card

A: Yes, click the question above or purchase on the booking page. 

Q: Do I have to pay extra to help and watch the person I want to book for?

A: No, there are no extra fees involved. You can come to the studio to help your loved one make their perfume/cologne.


Q: Can DIY Scent Studio duplicate a scent of my favorite perfume that was taken out of production?  

A: Not exactly, but in most cases we can tell you what the primary notes are in the fragrance and then you can create something similar. Or if you want something more specific, we can have a sample of the perfume sent to our lab for analysis.

Q: How many people are needed for a private party?

A: The studio will be closed for a paid party of 8+. We also have party tables available for snacks and cakes.


Q: What is your most popular course?

A: Our most popular course is the 2 hour basic session that includes a mini-class on fragrance materials and the creation of two perfumes.

Q: Do you ship Kits or perfumes internationally?

A: Domestic USA only.


Q: Do you accept refunds on store purchases?

A: No.