"A bucket list dream come true! If you’ve ever wanted to make your own perfume or if you’re looking for a super fun outing - this place is AMAZING!!!

The experience is unlike anything I’ve ever done before - part science, part art, fully delightful! I loved the selection of scents - there is something for everyone to get excited about and the process is so cool!"—  Yelena

"This place is so cool! You can create your own accord at a station/organ filled with different notes and scents. You get a worksheet and help building your base, middle and heart notes. There are a variety of sizes and types of bottles to chose to house your creation. There are workshops, or you can have a party with friends. You can collaborate on a scent with a bestie, or work on your own unique blend with natural tinctures and oils. The owner was kind to both myself, and my 9 year old son, who created an orange creamsicle gourmand masterpiece. Go check this out and support a fabulous new local biz in the heart of Fairfax, right behind De Clieu" —  Christine

"Please do yourself a favor and plan for this memorable experience, to not only have a scent personalized for you but also created by you, is PRICELESS!" —  Tammi

This was such an awesome experience. I didn’t really have any idea what the “perfume process” was until today. I loved the balance of education of notes and exploration into making my own scent(s). I will definitely be back, to fill up and to create more one of a kind scents! —  Ashley

We had a great time learning to create our own perfume here. Sherry, the instructor, taught us how to create an accord layered from various base, middle, and top notes. Each student is seated at a perfume "organ," which is a workstation surrounded by bottles of essential oils and scent strips (slices of paper) to dip into the oils and combine together to create unique scents.

When the student is finished creating, the instructor shows them how to scale up their scent and makes a bottle of their one-of-a-kind perfume they can take home. 
—  Ryan